Rituals In Pain

Killing in the name of Evil since 2004


Blood oozes from the speakers. Demons and banshees decipher horrid codes in morbid rhymes. A heart beats in broken time...

We are old school death metal, with punk, grindcore, and doom influence.


   The onslaught is approaching. We've been making adjustments to our mastering process before we release new tracks. This step has remained elusive since our inception, where all improvements in our recordings were always nullified by poor mastering. We've finally cracked the code though. The time of resurrection is quickly approaching. 

  The time for clarity has finally arrived. While semi-active we've been improving every aspect of the band. New equipment, adjusted tones, upgraded recording setup, etc. To cut to the point, we've been rough tracking a new album lately. 10 tracks are demoed as of now but more tracks will likely be considered. A demo containing 3 of these rough cuts, plus a rough cut of 'A Forced Evolution of Transdifferentiation to Bypass Human Intentions of Malicious Intervention' will be available for free in the near future. 

  Slowly, the rotting corpse begins to stand. We're getting this monstrosity going again. We've been hard at work on a new setlist, and hope to be playing shows again by summer time. The current setlist is 7 songs, we plan on adding a few more though. Updated logos and all that other shit should be coming soon.

  The time has come to give this corpse life once more. We've recorded numerous tracks for a new demo, all fresh cuts. Once we finish burying this rotting corpse, we can work updating all this online bullshit.

  The hidden page is now public domain. Several new songs are up on the site, look around for them. We're still chopping our way through this maggot riddling meat. A demon screams in the distance..

   Updates to our servers have left portions of the site mishapen and incorrect. We're fixing it.
  You may also have noticed the lack of updates; we're keeping things in the dark. We're working on songs that explore further boundaries, that often times seem to tap into our origins. To break the spell of stagnance, you can expect to see some of the new songs posted early next week. A candle flickers in the dark..